Jazz Concert for Vanuatu


This fundraiser is in response to a joint initiative between the ‘Australian Friends of Vanuatu’ and the Vanuatu High Commission, located in Canberra. The request for these funds comes directly from the Vanuatu High Commission in Canberra & Vanuatu High Commissioner Kalfau Kaloris.

All the funds raised will be administered on-the-ground by a Committee made up of the Vanuatu High Commissioner or his representative, a representative of the Australian Friends of Vanuatu, and a representative of the Vanuatu Department of Finance. These funds will be spent directly in Vanuatu, and have no administrative fees.

Artists kindly donating their time to perform on the night:

Virna Sanzone (vocals)

Liam Burrows (singer)

Sandie White (vocals)

Anna Salleh (singer/guitarist of Brazilian Music)

Rachel Delgado (singer from Chile)

Marilane De Mello (singer)

Ellie Miel (singer)

Kevin Hunt (piano)

John Harkins (piano & MC)

Peter Head (piano / vocals)

Col Loughnan (sax)

Paul Cultan (sax)

Rick Robertson (sax)

Steve Brien (guitar)

Tom Wood (guitar)

James Williams (organ)

Hugh Fraser (bass)

Alex Compton (bass)

Steve Ley (drums)

Simon Ert (drums)

Jason Murray (drums)