The Art of Improvisation

Phone: 02 4368 2017


Rodric White (Head of the Contemporary Music Studies Department at the Central Coast Conservatorium of Music) presents an exciting concert showcasing how the Art of Improvisation meets the music of the 21st Century.

The concert will feature Conservatorium teachers Yvette Masters (vocals) Guy Strazz (guitar), Luke Gallen (saxophones), Rodric White (keyboards), Ashley Turner (electric bass) and Raphael Strazz (drums). Special guests featured at the Concert will be the wonderful talents of Liam Burrows (2012 “Best Jazz Artist” at the MusicOz Awards and Winner of the 2013 MO Award for “Live Performance”) plus gifted teenage singers Alicia Brock, Dylan Pollard and Tiana Young.

Many famous classical composers such as Chopin, Mozart and Bach were supremely skilled in the art of improvisation, creating / composing new music at the moment of performance. Originally the cadenzas of Classical Concertos were improvised to showcase the inspired imagination, creativity and technical facility of the performer / composer. With the advent of the 20th Century, the music known as Jazz revitalised the art of improvisation on popular song forms with repertoire from Broadway Musical Theatre, Hollywood Films and the compositions of gifted performers and songwriters.

Now that we have entered the 21st Century, the art of improvisation continues to be an integral part of contemporary popular music.

The music performed on the night will include songs by Adele, Coldplay, Rihanna, the Finn Brothers, Christina Perri, Beyoncé, Norah Jones, Michael Jackson and John Mayer as performed by improvising musicians.


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