Raves About Liam


“Liam is not only a gifted Jazz vocalist, he is also an exceptional young man who is a great ambassador for Jazz. He is completely dedicated to his art and his love for Jazz is evident in all he does. He is passionate about bringing the musical style we both love to the general public.”

James Morrison
(Internationally renowned award-winning jazz musician and composer)

“Phenomenal! Absolutely breathtaking! I don’t think there’s a kid around the world that can do what you do that perfectly. Mr. Perfection.”

Danni Minogue
(Singer and TV Presenter)

“I hate it when people are as good as you. You are just amazing! I am jealous and impressed.
You’re just so good! You’re a real star!”

Brian McFadden

“You are truly quite amazing. You have one super-cool voice.”

Grant Denyer
(TV Presenter)

“You’re great. You are a brilliant singer. You’re something else! Unbelievable – end of story!”

Kyle Sandilands
(TV & Radio Presenter)

“Liam is the most naturally gifted student I’ve ever worked with. This young man is a natural entertainer and a musician of extraordinary gifts. He has the ability to excite a crowd merely by his presence.”

Dorian Mode
(Award-winning musician and songwriter)


“Liam Burrows is a prodigious, young musical talent who has the skill, charm and ability to enable him to enjoy a wonderful career.”

Warren Wills
(International award-winning composer and musical director)


“Liam has many unique qualities that will give him the opportunity of an outstanding career in music”.

Graeham Goble
(Award-winning song-writer and musician)


“I have accompanied many International jazz artists over the years and I was most impressed with this talented young man. The quality of Liam’s voice shows a strong dedication to the craft and the professionalism with which he approached his concerts and the preparation for performances, displayed dedication far beyond what one would normally associate with his young age. He is a truly gifted performer and audiences love him.”

Michael Nelson
(Musical director and writer)


“Liam Burrows is a very talented young performer with a bright future. His vocal tone, musicality and skills as an entertainer are well beyond his years. Liam is respected by his peers and loved by his audiences. He is a fantastic singer.  I recommend him.”

John Foreman
(Award-winning musical director and composer)


“Liam occurs to me like a true star – when he opens his mouth pure magic flows out. I was utterly entranced. He has a huge, huge future. “

James Roche
(Award-winning songwriter and musician)